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Wedding 101:

How to start planning a wedding

Read through our guide of top 10 things
which must be on your wedding checklist.

  • 01


    Congratulations on saying “Yes!” Share your video love story, which is the most popular way to celebrate now, with all your loved ones. Let the wedding planning begin!

  • 02


    Think about the big picture of your dream wedding, envision the type of wedding you both want—maybe it's a relaxing outdoor wedding or one that keeps up to date. Also, set a budget, which will save tons of stress.

  • 03

    Guest List

    Who to invite? Many wedding planners recommend concentrating on the people who really matter. Send out save-the-dates if you feel your wedding requires them. Create a guest list to help determine the size of venue required. 80% of guests invited will attend.

  • 04

    Wedding Venue

    Secure the date and venue for ceremony and reception before booking any vendors. Every wedding venue has its pluses and minuses, so find a wedding spot that's convenient, exciting, and cost-effective.

  • 05

    Vendor Booking

    Start finding and negotiating with all the vendors from now on. Choose what you really want from extensive list of categories, including florists, photographers, bands, caterers, etc.

  • 06

    Wedding Website

    From streamlining your planning process to tracking your RSVP’s, a wedding website is definitely a smart move. And remember, update it often to keep guests in the know.

  • 07


    Choosing gifts for your wedding registry is not a daunting task. In fact, it should be one of the most exciting things you do. Create a well-rounded wish list and makes gift-giving a breeze for your guests.

  • 08

    Dressing & Style

    It can take up to 9 months for a gown to be made. Start now, so you have plenty of time for alterations. And make sure your partner, your bridesmaids and your parents have their dresses as well.

  • 09


    Etiquette suggests that you send invitation 6-8 weeks prior to your wedding date, allowing your guests adequate time to respond and ensuring to get a reliable head count. For destination weddings, the earlier they're sent, the better.

  • 10

    Vendor Arrangement

    By now, finalize all your wedding vendors and take care of all the small details. Shoot them a day-of schedule, so that they're on the same page as you are.

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